“The Best DUI Defense is Knowing the Offense” - Sunil K. Raju, Former Prosecutor

Why Choose Oregon Diversion Firm


The mission of the Oregon DUI Diversion Firm is to provide concierge legal services to DUI drivers — offering discretion and damage control for clients who value a worry-free experience. The firm caters to clientele consisting of upstanding, respected people in the community who want professional legal counsel to help them just “take care of it.”

Our clients are not the type of people who normally have police contact or find themselves in the criminal justice system. All DUI drivers are lumped together in the “system,” and everyone is treated as a common criminal. The firm recognizes and caters to clients who desire and expect a high level of customer service, while we help resolve their cases. Read FAQs about our services. Or learn more about us.

The firm will help you either way: We can help you take care of your DUI case quietly, or we can prepare for any necessary battles in court. We help our clients get back to focusing on running their businesses and pursuing their careers, taking care of their families, and leading their communities. If you are interested in hiring us, then please schedule a free consultation to discuss your DUI case.

Early in the case, we will work with you to establish a flat (fixed) fee up front, to cover legal services for your chosen strategy and make sure your bases are covered. And, if anything unexpected comes up, we will work with you to help you choose the best option possible.

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