“The Best DUI Defense is Knowing the Offense” - Sunil K. Raju, Former Prosecutor

DUI Diversion: First DUI in West Linn, Oregon

DUI in West Linn, Oregon: If you have been arrested for DUI in West Linn, Oregon, by West Linn police, you may be eligible to take care of your case in DUI Diversion if it is your first DUI. Except for felony DUI cases, which normally will be handled in Oregon City, at Clackamas County Circuit Court, misdemeanor DUI cases in West Linn are normally sent to West Linn Municipal Court, in downtown West Linn.

The Oregon DUI Diversion firm helps clients arrested for DUI in West Linn, Oregon, in Portland, and other surrounding suburbs. The Oregon DUI Diversion firm focuses on delivering services to ensure clients who enter DUI Diversion in West Linn, Oregon, are successful throughout the 12 - 18 months of DUI Diversion, and avoid getting sent back to court because of confusion over whether they are in compliance with DUI Diversion.

Instead of leaving DUI Diversion clients to handle their case on their own, with the risk of DUI conviction remaining on the horizon for 12 - 18 months after they enter DUI Diversion, the Oregon DUI Diversion focuses on taking care of helping DUI Diversion clients throughout the 12 - 18 months of DUI Diversion with discretion and helping them avoid getting called back to court and accused of violation of DUI Diversion.

Background on West Linn, Oregon: West Linn, Oregon, is an established suburb on the west side of Portland, Oregon, has top-rated schools, and is a popular place for entrepreneurs and professionals to call home. Learn more here, from the West Linn Chamber of Commerce.

West Linn hosts the Old Time Fair each year, and is a family-oriented community.

Major employers in West Linn include: West Linn Paper Company, SmithKline Beecham, Zupan's Markets, Oregon Golf Club, and Parr Lumber Company.

For information about West Linn generally, see: The Oregonian, and the West Linn Tidings.

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