“The Best DUI Defense is Knowing the Offense” - Sunil K. Raju, Former Prosecutor

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Sunil K. Raju

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Sunil Raju has been described by one circuit court judge as “the best criminal trial lawyer” he had ever seen in his courtroom.

According to Sunil,

"It’s really great to be acknowledged, but the truth is, I have gotten to where I am because of pure grit, I’m a fighter, it’s in my blood. No matter how many times I get knocked down, I always get up. Nobody and nothing keeps me down, my clients get my pure grit, they know I’ll go to the mat for them."

Sunil is a DUI attorney in Portland, Oregon, and has been practicing for almost 10 years. He founded the Oregon DUI Diversion Firm with one objective in mind: To reimagine how DUI defense attorneys represent their clients.

"In my experience, everyone—the police officer, the DA, the judge, the court staff, and yes, even the defense attorney—defaults to treating folks arrested for DUI like they’re just another number.

I take the opposite approach—each person facing a DUI case is not just some number, they’re a person who deserves an aggressive advocate to protect them and watch their back. I see a big black hole in the DUI defense world, and my mission is to fill and dominate that gap."

Sunil started his career as a District Attorney, and spent over 5 years reviewing, charging, and prosecuting over 1,000 DUI cases. He has prosecuted or defended over 100 trials. He now uses his skills and knowledge to help DUI drivers take care of their case and protect their reputation.

"I believe in redemption, and that every person deserves a chance to redeem their future and move on. I truly enjoy helping the ‘little guy’ even the odds."

Sunil is happily married, and he his wife Christy are foodies, enjoy hiking, and have the same birthday. They have four cats, Jack Daniel, Jasper Newton, Amelia, and Zoe, but wish they had a dog instead. Sunil enjoys reading, a good Scotch, and traveling.

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