“The Best DUI Defense is Knowing the Offense” - Sunil K. Raju, Former Prosecutor

Repeat DUI Defense

If you are facing your second, third, or even fourth DUI in Oregon, then you are going to face the most aggressive prosecution by the DA, and some of the harshest penalties the judge can hand down.

With the changes in DUI laws over the years, repeat-DUI offenders have a lot to lose and worry about:

  • Significant jail or prison time;
  • Long-term suspension or revocation of your driver’s license;
  • Expensive mandatory fines.

Because you have so much at stake, you have to consider immediately starting to explore all of your options—every day that passes is precious and you deserve a vigorous defense.

What are the steps an experienced Oregon DUI lawyer can help you take?

Advise you about your options.

As daunting as it may feel, you should be empowered by your DUI lawyer, so that you have clarity and understand what your options are. You have enough to worry about, between your career, your family, and other obligations. Your DUI lawyer will help you review the evidence against you, anticipate what the DA and judge will do, and help you separate fact from fiction.

Help you make solid decisions.

Behind closed doors, your DUI lawyer should tell it to you straight (the good, the bad, and the ugly), counsel you to understand what you have to lose, and help you weigh the pros and cons of your options. Your DUI lawyer should tell you what you need to hear, try to talk you out of bad decisions, and try to talk you into the best decisions possible.

Fight hard for you.

An experienced DUI lawyer will help you look at your DUI case like a professional poker player—you need to understand the risks and rewards, and when and how to hit the gas. A solid DUI lawyer will be able to help you make the best strategic decisions possible.

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