“The Best DUI Defense is Knowing the Offense” - Sunil K. Raju, Former Prosecutor

Articles about DUI and Diversion Issues in Oregon

Oregon DUI and Your CDL

If you are a CDL holder and have been arrested for DUI, then your options for how to resolve your DUI case are most likely going to be different from other DUI drivers. Read on to learn how. Read More
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First DUI Arrest: What Now?

This article presents a simple 5 point checklist of the things you need to do after you've been charged with DUI in Oregon. Read More
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First Oregon DUI: Is Your Professional or Business License Affected?

Depending on the situation, even your first Oregon DUI may affect your professional license or business license. Read on to learn more about this topic. Read More
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DUI Diversion: Traps for the Unwary

“DUI Diversion” in Oregon, is a court program available for certain DUI drivers. Learn about common pitfalls of this process and how to avoid them. Read More
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How Oregon DAs Charge DUI Cases

Review this flowchart to see how Oregon District Attorneys prosecute DUI cases. Read More
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How an Oregon DUI Arrest Works

View a chart that shows how DUI Arrests work in Oregon. Read More
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How an Oregon DUI Police Stop Works

View this chart to see how Oregon DUI police stops work. Read More
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We can help most first time DUI offenders qualify for Oregon's DUI Diversion program and avoid crim… Read More
Much is at stake for repeat offenders. We aggressively fight for our clients, advise them of options… Read More

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